Surinam Airways to increase number of flights to Trinidad

Kristy Ramnarine

Surinam Airways will be operating flights to Trinidad on five days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday - from July 1.

The airline along with the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA) shared more about the Suriname experience with travel agents at the Kapok Hotel on June 12.

Angela Landburg who is responsible for Corporate Planning at the airline told Tourism Talk: “The new flight combines three destinations, Suriname, Port of Spain and Curacao. What we are seeing is growth in the market and we feel there is traction to increase the number of flights.”

While T&T citizens accounts for just 20 percent of the passengers onboard, Landbrug believes the country is a very important market.

“If Surinam Airways is to sustain that fifth flight, we are going to have to implement some initiatives. We believe there is potential to grow the traffic, vice versa,” she said.

Surinam Airways was established in 1962 with the goal to provide domestic air services for passengers and cargo. In 1975 the company also incorporated international destinations to its service.

Surinam Airways operates flights from Paramaribo as its home base to Amsterdam, Belem, Curacao, Port of Spain, Georgetown and Miami, with seasonal flights to Orlando.

Landbrug added: “It’s not that we are singling out Trinidad because we do operate other routes as well. With the change in dynamics in the airline industry we need to work differently in how we do business. That’s why we are here to connect with the travel industry locally and connect with tourism organisations locally, to see how we can broaden the scope and see how we can achieve a win win growth strategy for all. It’s not about competition.”

Recently Surinam Airways introduces its second Boeing 737-700 to its regional fleet and is working towards adding another in 2020. On the mid Atlantic route the airline conducts its flights on Airbus A340-313, which has 315 seats.

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