Around the world by sea


Phoebe H Pereira

One of my most vivid memories is definitely my first day at sea.

I walked onto this brightly coloured tin can – a vessel which would become my new home. I dragged my luggage into one of its small cabins – a room which I would share with someone from New Zealand; back then the only thing I knew about that country was that they played cricket and Daniel Vitori. Mere hours after boarding, I also watched one of my fellow newbies cry causing me to keep asking myself (frequently) what did I do?

Fast forward 12 years, I’m still at sea. I’ve worked for more than one cruise line, been to 43 countries (some I never heard of before in my life), worked and lived with people of various backgrounds and been introduced to sooo many types of FOOD!    

So when my longtime friend Kristy emailed me to ask if I could contribute to her blog Tourism Talk, I was really excited, but couldn’t reply immediately. Why? Because I’m currently in Alaska, Glacier Bay specifically, where internet and satellite connectivity could be really difficult - just like when one on of the lines buss down in central and the whole village cut off and nobody could use Facebook or Whatsapp!

But that shouldn’t matter right? Especially when I’m surrounded by snowcapped mountains, or the intense fragrance of tall green pine trees along with crisp clean air which bites my nose when the breeze picks up. I might even be able to see a whale or seal if I pay attention. So why beat up about the lack of connectivity for a little while right? (Unless you’re trying to keep up with the latest episode of Game of Thrones…)

Since working on cruise ships, I have been on an exciting whirlwind of airport sleeps, rough seas, seasickness, missed ports, avoiding hurricanes, and overnights in amazing cities. Did I mention food already? Yes, I did, but that would probably be a whole separate article, as the extreme burst of flavours and delicacies that I’ve been exposed to is a big factor in how much I might enjoy a particular port.   

Hopefully, my upcoming travel logs can give you an experience through my eyes; a cruise ship worker from a tiny village called Tabaquite, on a path which has allowed me to discover new places and cultures; not to mention trying to help non-Trinis understand where Trinidad & Tobago is, who is Brian Lara, what is Carnival, Steel Pan. Ring any bells? But one thing I’ve learnt through all my travels is that there’s no place like home. 

Disclaimer: The statements made in my travel log do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers (past or present).


Phoebe takes a selfie aboard Princess Cruises in Alaska.